Simple Carving Patterns

Here is a small collection of 40 easy Halloween pumpkin carving patterns, templates, and stencils. Check out this simple happy face pumpkin carving pattern submitted by Tony Henry.

I've been looking for free carving patterns. Free Jack O' Lantern and Pumpkin Carving Patterns.

We have both simple and complex patterns. Soap carving is an easy & fun handicraft for kids age 4(ish) and up. This activity is great for boys or girls.

Free Wood Carving Patterns Click on image to download your free pattern. later try to fit your pattern to your pumpkin.

Carved pumpkins are classic Halloween decorations and are easy to make. Every year, different people try to come up with some creative carved pumpkins.

Designing your own wood carving patterns is easy as long as you study the work of other pattern designers first. Chip carving is the easiest, creating geometric patterns.

Small strips of wood are chipped out in straight lines. This is the ideal first-time carving kit. It includes 12 simple mix and match sticker pieces that create more than 50 pattern combinations.

Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas and Patterns. Print our pumpkin-carving pattern template or draw freehand with our easy-to-follow directions.

Q. Where can I find Halloween pumpkin patterns that are easy to carve? A. Good question. My favorite pumpkin carving patterns for easy but awesome-looking Halloween pumpkins.

This Instructable will show you how to do a simple melon carving technique that can be used to carve any type of melon. Then I discovered the plethora of printable pumpkin carving patterns out there, and our pumpkins have never been more phenomenal.