Rib Scarf Pattern

It's reversible and more interesting than garter stitch. Knitted Wavy Rib Scarf The light color of this long scarf shows off its beauty as you K3, p2, (k2, p6) twice, k2, p2, k3. Row 24: Same as Row 2. Rep Rows 1-24 for pattern.

Sometimes a beautiful yarn and a good stitch pattern are all you need for a great scarf. We paired Filatura di Crosa’s Zara yarn with seeded rib for this unisex scarf.

Knitting the Mistake Rib Stitch ensures that your scarf looks good whichever way you look at it. Get a free knitting pattern at HowStuffWorks. Mountain Colors Patterns – Ribbon Rib Scarf Pattern – Knit this light weight soft wool scarf with a single skein of Merino Ribbon.

Ribbed scarf knitting pattern – Find the largest selection of ribbed scarf knitting pattern on sale. The pattern is airier and the scarf actually drapes (as opposed to being an 7 USD per skein.

This free knitting pattern is for an easy-to-knit farrow rib scarf. Free patterns for reversible Twin rib. This one was pointed out to us by our friend Priscilla Ryder, in the form of this wonderful scarf present.

Needle Size: 13 Finished scarf: 48” X5” Material: 1 skein Misty Chunky Baby Alpaca Instructions: 1. Cast on sixty stitches. I have already a subscription to your magazine and I have signed up as a member.

I'm working on my 4th super scarf (for the volunteers of the 2012 Superbowl that will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana). A cosy, chunky-weight scarf in a reversible, diagonal rib pattern.

This easy knitting pattern for a ribbed scarf is made from chenille yarn, making it feel like wide-wale corduroy. As a result i was able to make some brilliant gifts for christmas.

I made this scarf for my brother for this past Christmas season. He absolutely loved it and deemed it his "church/special occasion scarf.

This easy striped Mistake Rib Scarf can be worked in two colors or multiple colors to use up lots of yarn from your stash. Comprised of knit rib stitches, this Single Rib Scarf is a great pattern to knit while watching television.