Php Singleton Pattern

In software engineering, a design pattern is a general solution to a common problem in software design. Editor's note: See the follow-up article "Five more PHP design patterns" to learn The singleton pattern covers this need.

Instead of reinventing a solution all you have to do is learn the pattern and know when to apply it. CodeGuru. I have been reading a bit lately about the singleton pattern. has a new tutorial posted introducing one of the most common (and often misused) design patterns out there – the Singleton pattern. diagram because the underlines (They mean "static") are very important information for this pattern.

This Article is a glance at how the singleton design pattern can be implemented in a PHP context. Other aspects of this pattern is also discussed, for e.g pros and cons.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about PHP Factory Patterns. The Singleton pattern also deals with the construction of objects but serves an entirely different purpose.

Integrating design patterns into your PHP applications can lead to performance issues if you don't do it right. The singleton pattern applies to the situation where you need a single, global instance of a class.

Abstract; What is a Design Pattern; Singleton; Factory; MVC; Observer; Abstract. Introduction The Singleton pattern is probably the most famous, or should I say infamous, software Design Pattern in existence.

Tutorials and Examples of Design Patterns in PHP Design Patterns. The Singleton pattern is one of the more controversial patterns.

Q : What is a singleton class? A : A class whose number of instances that can be instantiated is limited to one is called a singleton class. The worst thing ever, is that with languages like PHP and JavaScript, the Singleton pattern is really hard to implement correctly.

The Singleton Pattern – PHP . Last week, we continued our discussion of the object-oriented features of PHP 5 by taking a first look at design patterns. With OOPS in PHP 5 the whole bunch of Object Oriented Design Pattern will now come into the PHP 5 programming.